Revolutionizing the detection and treatment of autism
through smartphone-enabled evaluation.

Acumen is making patient video medically meaningful to revolutionize
the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders.

How It Works

Capture & Submit

We guide you through a simple process to capture short video clips of play-based activities with your child and complete a brief survey on your child’s behavior.

Discover & Act

A child development expert reviews your case and uses our proprietary analytical tools to prepare a personalized report as well as an action plan with local resources.

Monitor & Adjust

Your first assessment produces a baseline so that you can quantitatively monitor progress and response to treatment over time.


  • “The average autism diagnosis happens at age 5 when it should be happening at age 2.”

    LEADING CLINICAL Psychologist
  • “They gave me a laundry list of scenarios that included autism, and my level of anxiety was off the charts.  I wish I had been able to cross it off the list at the beginning.”

    PARENT Marin, CA
  • “It could be very valuable to make this tool something that can be used ongoing by families… to assess the progress of the child in treatment.”

    MEDICAL DIRECTOR Leading Insurance Company
  • “I think this is genius… It’s about time someone made autism diagnosis more accessible.”

    PARENT Hammond, Louisiana
  • “Bringing transparency to the path of autism treatment is something parents desperately need.”

    AUTISM PARENT Advocate

Who We Are

Jessica Owens


Lisa Sporri, PhD


John Armstrong


Afton Vechery


Participate in our Private Pilot

Acumen is conducting a study to verify the accuracy of our video evaluation technology.


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